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Since being elected in 2020, Senator Moran has delivered for the Plymouth and Barnstable district on the issues that mean the most to you.


Some of the victories that Senator Moran has had that will benefit residents across the district include:

  • Obtained over $1 million to support municipal costs, including water
    main replacement, improvements to community centers, boiler and generator replacements, and school improvements.


  • Successfully obtained $150,000 for the Massachusetts Military Support

  • $100,000 for assistance for police officers responding to mental health crisis calls

  • Foundation to reduce veteran food insecurity.

  • Cosponsor of Nero’s bill, which allows police dogs to receive emergency support when injured in the line of duty.

  • Established a regional Housing Roundtable made up of housing experts and advocates in Plymouth, Pembroke, and Kingston to work on expanding development of affordable housing, and worked with legislative partners to create similar regional collaboration on the Cape.

  • Successfully codified Shellfish Advisory Panel to facilitate communication between policymakers and shellfish industry leaders.

  • Collaborated with legislative partners to create similar regional collaboration on the Cape.

  • Successfully secured $150,000 to support development of a local fiber-optic network for fast, affordable, and reliable Internet services

  • Successfully obtained $55,000 to support elder caregiving programming for seniors with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.

  • Successfully established the Human Service Transportation Task Force to improve transportation access for individuals with disabilities.

  • Successfully obtained $500,000 for mental health support in child care settings, as well as $75,000 for family child care support for the Cape
    & Islands

Click on each town below for more information regarding Senator Moran’s work and priorities for each community in the Plymouth and Barnstable district!

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    Recent years have been very difficult for many individuals and families across Massachusetts. The pandemic, as well as a variety of other factors including the war in Europe have introduced volatility and uncertainty into our economy and our lives. The challenges we face are multifaceted, and Senator Moran understands as well as anyone that our solutions must be multifaceted as well. Workforce development, access to capital, housing availability, education standards, healthcare options, multi-modal transportation, robust public safety, and equal access to good-paying jobs are only part of the whole economic picture. Senator Moran continues to take an aggressive and creative approach to bringing economic justice to the Plymouth and Barnstable district through her work in the State Senate. No family should wonder if they are going to be able to pay the bills or put food on the table.
    Across the Commonwealth, housing access and costs are distressing too many individuals and families. Finding solutions to this problem is as critical as any issue facing Massachusetts right now. Chapter 40B is a law that has helped to increase the number of affordable housing units in the Commonwealth. However, like many well-intended pieces of legislation, local issues have arisen during its implementation. Senator Moran believes that we must think outside the box, and is a champion of housing strategy diversification. Her years of local leadership gives her important perspective on the issue of housing and development, and Senator Moran knows that prudent re-zoning and the purposeful redevelopment of languishing, single-use properties can allow our communities to be less wasteful and improve quality of life. Su is committed to bringing forward-thinking approaches to providing both new and established families with local access to the amenities that they need and desire, all within a reasonable distance from home. She is adamant that residents of this district should not be expected to commute long distances for employment opportunities, or to meet their basic needs. This issue is a centerpiece of ensuring that families are able to remain in our district, and that children are able to envision a future for themselves right here where they grew up. Senator Moran will continue to lead on this issue.
    The Plymouth and Barnstable district is uniquely suited to model the restoration of our planet, and Senator Moran knows that we must act immediately. New Englanders famously know how to prepare for a bad storm, however inaction on climate change will leave us flatfooted against one of the greatest challenges we’ve ever faced. Rougher seas, stronger storms, and more volatile weather means more uncertainty for coastal communities. Su recognizes that swift action on solutions like renewable energy, replanting ecosystems, regenerative ocean-farming, retrofitting coastal buildings, and electrifying transportation will be critical to the long term survival and success of the communities that she represents. These challenges also offer great opportunities. The blue economy, including fishing, ocean farming, shipping, tourism and recreation, sustain and create thousands of jobs in our communities every year. The green economy can work hand in hand with the industries to create hundreds of good-paying jobs and protect our planet, all at the same time. Senator Moran knows that our district’s waterways are our lifeblood, and a healthy ecosystem is key to the success of our regional economy. She will work tirelessly both on Beacon Hill and with stakeholders in the district to ensure that our risk mitigation, conservation, and energy innovation are the best in the Commonwealth.
    The COVID-19 pandemic has required each and every resident of the Plymouth and Barnstable district to bond together and make sacrifices to keep each other safe and keep our communities moving forward. The service of teachers, nurses, first-responders, and essential workers has been awe-inspiring, and Senator Moran has fought on Beacon Hill to ensure that they are protected and empowered to do their job safely and successfully, despite the circumstances. Senator Moran is committed to making sure that each and every person in our district has the resources they need to remain healthy, and that leadership deicisons regarding the virus are made in a way that is transparent and scientific. Su is committed to listening to the incredible experts that we are lucky enough to have in Massachusetts, and working to keep divisive rhetoric out of the decision making process. Sentor Moran believes that we are always stronger when we are united, and we will get through this together.
    Senator Moran’s healthcare agenda is centered on accessibility, affordability, and action. Community hospitals are vital to the long-term sustainability of our district. Senator Moran is challenging healthcare providers to cement their commitment to the people of this district and look beyond their profits. Su strongly believes that eliminating specialist offerings and closing entire hospital wards is not an option. Healthcare conglomerates have built empires on the backs of ratepayers, and now, when essential services are so vital, they are abusing their power and shirking their responsibility to their patients, their nurses, and the communities that built them.
    The pandemic has put unprecedented stress on our teachers, students, parents and school systems. Remote, hybrid, and in-person learning have all required different kinds of patience, flexibility, and adaptability. Senator Moran has spoken with hundreds of constituents who are passionate about guaranteeing that children in the Plymouth and Barnstable district are able to learn in an environment that is comfortable, supportive, and safe. These conversations have motivated and informed Su’s work on Beacon Hill, and she is committed to continuing to collaborate with a variety of stakeholders as the pandemic progresses and we take stock of the impacts that the last few years have had. Senator Moran’s number one priority is that each and every student has the chance to pursue their goals and achieve their highest potential. Our school systems have become very politicized, but not always for reasons that are fair or productive. Senator Moran will continue to keep student success at the forefront, and avoid destructive or divisive rhetoric to become a distraction.
    From the solitary confinement of his Birmingham, Alabama jail cell, Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” Senator Moran understands that her right and the rights of each and every resident of this district your rights are not mutually exclusive. Su believes that it is the responsibility of each of us to be intolerant of inequities in our society, and work toward justice in whatever way we are capable of. Senator Moran therefore recognizes the great responsibility of all elected office holders. She is committed to building fairness, equity, and compassion into each and every bill that crosses her desk. Injustices are baked into many facets of our society, and the process of unraveling them in order to correct historic wrongs and avoid future ones, will be a challenging one. Senator Moran will continue to pursue input and feedback from every corner of the district. If you or someone you know is interested in contributing to this effort, please reach out to the campaign. Senator Moran is committed to making sure that residents of our communities have access to good-quality, affordable healthcare, right here in the district. Our ability to care for the health of our elders, our families, and our neighbors is more important than ever.
    Each year, the Plymouth and Barnstable district supports millions of people and vehicles moving through our communities. The modernization of bridges and leading roadways is crucial to the regional economy. Senator Moran believes that through tax-incentives for workforce development, we can acheive those goals while simultaneously lessening the future financial burden and the need for constant maintenance. Senator Moran will work closely with her colleagues on Beacon Hill as well as her close partners in the federal delegation to ensure that the district has access to all of the resources it needs from the unprecedented infrastructure funding that will be available to Massachusetts cities and towns in the coming years.
    Speech given on the Falmouth Green, Falmouth MA at 1330hrs, 25 June, 2022 25 JUN 2022 Yesterday, I got up, like millions of women in this country, had a cup of coffee, walked the dog, and . . . ended the day with fewer fundamental human rights than our mothers. Women are now treated as second-class citizens. Make no mistake, it’s not about families or babies. This decision is about power over women. It’s not about the health of women, or they would fund free national safe clinics for education, screenings, and pap smears. It’s certainly not about families, as we would have national free pre-natal care, appointments, and care for the inevitable medical emergencies. And it’s not about equity, as the wealthy and privileged will always be able to travel for safe abortions, while the poor will either have to carry an unwanted pregnancy, or die from a botched one. And it’s not about children, as women all over this country are forced back to work days after giving birth, they let our kids go hungry with no help for day care, and, let’s face it they can’t even protect our kids from gunmen at recess. Women, make them hear our rage. And now is the time for women to turn our rage into action. No one is coming to save us… it is up to us to save ourselves. Today is the first step. Protest, tell your story, make art, talk to your friends and neighbors. And protest again and again. Don’t let them ever forget that women’s rights are human rights. It’s a marathon, and we will grind them into seeing that truth: Women’s rights are human rights. First, vote like your life depends on it. Because it does. Every election matters. And, I want you to run for office. Any office. School boards, Town meeting, anything that makes your voice heard. As your State Senator, I will continue to be one of those voices and an advocate for policies that protect the rights of women in Massachusetts. Help me fight this. I want to be part of an Army of allies, working together to push back and make our majority voices heard. It’s not enough to tell them no further. Massachusetts is thus far a safe state, but the way this court is going, make no mistake, they are coming for us. We have to push back. We must win. Say it with me: WOMEN’s Rights are human rights.


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