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Since being elected in 2020, Senator Moran has delivered for the Plymouth and Barnstable district on the issues that mean the most to you.


Some of the victories that Senator Moran has had that will benefit residents across the district include:

  • Obtained over $1 million to support municipal costs, including water
    main replacement, improvements to community centers, boiler and generator replacements, and school improvements.


  • Successfully obtained $150,000 for the Massachusetts Military Support

  • $100,000 for assistance for police officers responding to mental health crisis calls

  • Foundation to reduce veteran food insecurity.

  • Cosponsor of Nero’s bill, which allows police dogs to receive emergency support when injured in the line of duty.

  • Established a regional Housing Roundtable made up of housing experts and advocates in Plymouth, Pembroke, and Kingston to work on expanding development of affordable housing, and worked with legislative partners to create similar regional collaboration on the Cape.

  • Successfully codified Shellfish Advisory Panel to facilitate communication between policymakers and shellfish industry leaders.

  • Collaborated with legislative partners to create similar regional collaboration on the Cape.

  • Successfully secured $150,000 to support development of a local fiber-optic network for fast, affordable, and reliable Internet services

  • Successfully obtained $55,000 to support elder caregiving programming for seniors with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.

  • Successfully established the Human Service Transportation Task Force to improve transportation access for individuals with disabilities.

  • Successfully obtained $500,000 for mental health support in child care settings, as well as $75,000 for family child care support for the Cape
    & Islands

Click on each town below for more information regarding Senator Moran’s work and priorities for each community in the Plymouth and Barnstable district!

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