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Su Moran for State Senate


Our campaign needs some dedicated individuals looking to help elect Democrats like Su.  Su and her Democratic colleagues have consistently fought for the needs of the people in Plymouth and Barnstable district.  We need you to step up and lend a hand to the democratic process.


She is working to ensure that companies like Holtec will NOT be polluting our pristine coastal waters with radioactive discharge as they decommission the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant.  She championed Common Start to give those families who are struggling a helping hand with the costs of child care.  And she helped strengthen our ability to vote through the VOTES Act, which expands in-person and mail in voting.

She can’t do it alone.


Our successes are and always have been the result of countless hours made by Volunteers and activists like you.  We need you to get involved.  Fill in the application below to start your journey.

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