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My objectives line up with the four major priorities of the Supreme Judicial Court as set forth by Chief Justice Kimberly Budd: "improving technology in courts; making the courts easier to understand and navigate for users, especially self-represented litigants; reexamining how courts can respond more effectively to the difficult issues that underlie so many of the cases; and boosting diversity, equity and inclusion."


The first step toward these goals will be to conduct an audit asking staff, consumers and judges to identify needs in both people and technology resources. I will work with the Commonwealth's Superior Court Clerks to promote a new state practice system. The system would use up-to-date technology to ensure secure handling of the court's business while allowing for transparency with the public such as with acceptance of pleadings from counsel of record via email or portal submission. Compared to costly US mail, secure emailing is cost effective and allows for evidence of delivery.


I will establish a well-organized data collection practice to examine the efficiency of taxpayer resources. I will also create a long overdue robust internship program with High School Seniors and Cape Cod Community College administrators (with whom I currently work to support collaborative work programs) so our younger generation gains an understanding of our judicial system.


I have the temperament required for the position including open mindedness, courteous demeanor and disciplined manner. I will use my experience and relationships to engage with community leaders to be sure the Court reflects the people it serves to identify ways to better serve more needy pockets within our communities. You will find me accessible, both in the office and at community events.

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