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Advocate, Mother, and Public Servant

Susan has spent her life fighting for the causes she believes in and working tirelessly to support her family and improve the lives of her neighbors and friends.


Susan grew up in a family that struggled to give their kids a better life. She learned at a young age the realities faced by so many parents who struggle to cover the bills and put food on the table.


Susan’s dad was an ingenuitive, hard working man who enjoyed his summer garden and the pickling and canning that would come with it. A disabled Air Force Veteran, he was confined to a wheelchair for most of Susan’s life, but he never allowed his

disability to stop him from his work helping people. To this day, his resilience and commitment to service motivates and inspires Susan’s work on Beacon Hill. As a parent, Susan has aimed to instill those same values in her own children, and she is proud to be the mother of a nurse and a biomedical engineer, as well as the bereaved mother of a teacher.


Susan’s career as a lawyer, advocate, and local leader has given her the opportunity to make an impact in areas big and small. From the town hall to the halls of the Supreme Court of the United States, Susan has consistently brought a keen sense of fairness, equity, and justice to her work. Her goal has always been to listen, learn, and act swiftly and effectively to win victories for the people who she represents – both in the courtroom and as an elected official.

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